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We met Roy in alt.discuss.html. He helped us out with a question and we replied with a thank you. We continued to write and it seems like we known him all of our lives. Although we live miles apart, he will always be close to us in our heart.

Roy is workng on his first webpage also. He LOVES to cook, so he's got lots of GREAT recipes. Maybe he can teach me to cook and get me away from all that HAMBURGER HELPER!!

Click HERE to visit Roy's webpage.

More About Roy

HOBBIES: Web Surfing, E-mail Friends
FAV. MUSIC: Pop/Rock, just about anything except rap!
INTERESTS: Internet, Plate Collecting, Cooking
OTHER: I love animals, trips to the beach, meeting new friends on the web, and learning to build a web site with the help of my Bestest friends, Jen and Keith!

Chuckie & Barbie

We met Chuckie & Barbie in our search for some Real Audio. He turned us onto two or three great links. I remember thinking we've struck Gold. Well we did. We have two of the most wonderful, and caring people in the world as our friends.

If you want to get to know two of the nicest people in the world, visit their homepages. Just don't say anything bad about the DALLAS COWBOYS. Hehe, LOL!!

Click HERE to visit Chuckie and Barbie's webpages.

More About Chuckie

NAME: Chuckie Kellar
HOBBIES: Webtv, spending time with my fincee, any outdoor thingee, football, basketball, running, playing with my new neices
FAV. MUSIC: Southern rock, country, love songs, soft rock....
INTERESTS: Computers, old cars, webtv....
OTHER: I love talking to my friends on the internet...hearing from them, just makes may day....I might now talk to them in chatrooms or nothing...but just getting e-mail from them..makes me fee so wonderful....I love you all..Take care & have a wonderful day..everyday...Your friend 4-ever...Chuckie:)

More About Barbie

NAME: Barbie
HOBBIES: Reading, painting, baking, cooking, chatting, e-mailing my friends, making new friends, building puzzles, crossword puzzles, and any outside activity
FAV. MUSIC: Soft rock....and just about any other kind
INTERESTS: Spending time with my fiancee....and my family....and talking with my friends
OTHER: I am 34...and live in Pa with the love of my life...BIGFOOT38...Chuckie...We are getting married next year on Valentine's Day...I work in a group home for mentally retarded a nurses aide....I love making new friends...Thanks for including me in your page Jen and Keith....thanks for being such great friends to Chuckie and I....We love ya....Your friend always...Barbie


Tiffany is another person we met in alt.discuss.html. Although we've known her only a few month's, seems like a couple years or so. Very sweet and thoughtful, always near our heart. We're still woring on Mike to get his pic up on the net, maybe soon. Hope so, anyway!!

At this time, Tiffany doesn't have a homepage to share with everyone, so you'll just have to take or word for it when we tell you she's one in a million.

More About Tiffany

NAME: Tiffany DeSeguirant
HOBBIES: Sports, swimming
INTERESTS: Anything thats intelligent
OTHER: I love things that really make you think, little poems ect... Keith, your a great friend, and I'm really glad to have you in my life, you and Jen.... Love, Tiffany


We met Karen at alt.discuss.html, also. She's a very good friend, and she gives me alot more credit about my HTML knowledge than she should. LOL!! She's always had a ear for us when we needed to talk, and that's saying a heck of alot, when you see the list of names on her e-mail list.

More About Karen

NAME: Karen Cross
HOBBIES: Chat, antiques, my yorkies and cats,sewing crocheting, and reading
FAV. MUSIC: alternative
INTERESTS: all kinds of things
OTHER: My most favorite thing in the world to do is screw up my email signature and spend hours emailing with Keith to fix it LOL

Jon & Crystal

Crystal e-mailed me with a few questions about html. We've been talking back and forth, I guess about 2 or 3 months now. Great people, even GREATER friends. Sorry no pics yet.

More About Crystal

NAME: Crystal NEAL
HOBBIES: Playing the piano, cross-stitching, fishing, flower gardening, cooking,and reading especially Christian novels). I also enjoy repelling, camping, flea markets, and watching "The Andy Griffith Show" re-runs. I like playing cards and board games.
FAV. MUSIC: Southern gospel, classical, bluegrass, and Kenny G.
INTERESTS: I enjoy home-schooling my children and learning from others who do also. I like exchanging recipes and flower and vegetable gardening tips.

More About Jon

NAME: J. Neal
HOBBIES: fishing , hunting
FAV. MUSIC: aything in the 70"s
INTERESTS: everything